About Amir

mir Jafarian has been playing the piano for 15 years. He started his early instruction with Mrs. Shirley Rosen Lucas, an accomplished violinist who also played and taught piano. Amir just like many young children was involved in many activities playing three sports a year but still found time to practice. Although there were many doubtful times early in his career, his mother never let him quit for which he still thanks her for today.

Amir graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis in December 2011. He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish. He has been teaching close to 2 years now and is watching his students' improve and develop at the piano. Besides teaching privately he is a piano instructor at Dale's Music in St. Louis.

Classical piano is Amir's forte (literally and figuratively). He also enjoys playing the blues, pop/rock, rap, and is getting into Jazz. He is currently the lead singer and keyboardist for The Muldoons who have played in the Columbia, MO area and will be gigging in the summer of 2011 in St. Louis.

After graduation Amir did what most students do and looked for a job. He wasn't ecstatic about the opportunities and decided that he should do something else. He will be traveling to Shenzhen China in August 2011 to continue his teaching career, however, this time it will be as an English teacher. He is sad to be leaving his piano students, but knows they will continue and thrive in their musical careers (they better!).

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